Checkpoint: Ceuta


Lead: Student Sutton Raphael walks through the international checkpoint at Ceuta and observes life in the walled-off Spanish enclave. Fnideq and other Moroccan cities just kilometers away from the border serve as the last stop for many sub-Saharan migrants seeking an illegal passage into Ceuta.


The Moroccan border officer takes one glance at the golden outline of an eagle printed on the cover of my passport and nods before handing it back. This recognizable symbol makes my passage through Ceuta’s international border checkpoint easier than most.

It is Monday, and I parade into the Spanish enclave among a steady stream of Moroccan women.

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‘The World Upside Down’: The Rise of Spanish Immigration to Morocco


Christian Science Monitor


By , Contributor / March 21, 2013 at 9:52 am EDT

Tangier, Morocco Marcos Martinez Bacelo does not know when he will be able to go home.It’s been six months since the 36-year-old mechanic came here from his hometown of Vigo, Spain to work as a mechanic. As he runs calloused fingers through his short black hair, peppered with gray, he lays out his circumstances: A year ago, he lost his job at an electric company in his home country. He eventually found another, but only six months later he faced a layoff at his new job. Read more