Nejwa Issa: Girlhood in a traditional village

The village of Sbaa Rouadi, outside of Fes, Morocco, is one of tradition and beauty. Photographer Emma Hohenstein shadowed the Issa family for a week. Nejwa Issa, third child of Hakeema and Mohammed Issa, is exactly what one would expect from a nine-year-old: boisterous, rowdy, and care-free. However, she deals with the challenges of societal and familial expectations of a young woman, on a daily basis. This series seeks to display both her enthusiasm and freedom, as well as the impending challenges of being a woman in Sbaa Rouadi and Morocco.

Emma Hohenstein

Emma Hohenstein is a young photographer living and working on the East Coast of the United States. Her bodies of work revolve around themes of public space, religious structures, gender roles and equality, and environmental issues. Born and raised in Philadelphia, her aim is to capture and analyze these systems throughout the northeast and American South.

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