‘Hey, sexy’: Long road ahead to combat sexual harassment in Morocco

By Olivia Lewis

This article was published in Middle East Eye. See it here: https://www.middleeasteye.net/in-depth/features/morocco-sexual-harassment-2007805324

CASABLANCA, Morocco – Book bag in tow, Wissale Elhaial, 20, pins her eyes straight ahead as she strides past cafes where men congregate in Casablanca’s downtown area.

Vendors entice customers to their halal stands; some call out for her, but not to tempt her with the spiced aroma of falafel.

“Hey, sexy.”

“Praise God! You’re so beautiful!”

“Come here! I would just like to talk to you!”

Elhaial tries to ignore them, but finds herself glaring, and says she sometimes wishes she wore a headscarf, though she doesn’t really think it would make much difference.

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Out in the Cold: Development Transforms Moroccan City But Doesn’t Address Most Difficult Problems

This article was published in U.S. News and World Report. Find it here: “Out in the Cold

By Olivia Fore

RABAT, MOROCCO – AT night under the orange light of new street lamps, residents stroll along the Bouregreg River. Vendors sell toys and kites; children ride miniature cars on the pavement and musicians entertain a friendly audience.

A new Grand Theater, still under construction, looms in the shadows. A new bridge extends tram service to commuters from the city of Salé, across the river.

The five-year “Rabat City of Lights” program launched in 2014 aims to put Morocco‘s administrative capital on equal footing with other major world cities by “promoting its cultural heritage, preserving green space, improving the economy, access to social services, governance and road infrastructure,” according to the country’s Ministry of Culture and Communication.

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Street Art: The Urban Canvas of Morocco

By Emily Vega, Photography by Anna Bongardino

RABAT, Morocco — Jammed between a blank wall and a rushing train headed to Casablanca, Zakaria Essadiki, 22, uses his ten seconds of concealment to spray paint his graffiti name: ZED. Unseen and unscathed, he leaves behind his mark and continues around his city reclaiming walls.

Essadiki is a part of a growing community of young Moroccans participating in the urban alternative culture of street art. Although street art has been a thriving genre around the world for over half a century, it has just begun its debut across Morocco.

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Alumni Spotlight: Maddy Crowell

by Erika Riley

Maddy Crowell had never considered journalism before attending SIT’s program in Morocco in the Fall of 2013. Now she spends her days freelancing around the world, covering everything from France’s colonial legacy in Guadaloupe to white supremacists in the United States.

“It was all very transformative for me,” the 26 year-old alum said. “I came back to Carleton after the semester and switched [my major] from philosophy to politics and was very very restless and ready to get out of school.”

She originally applied to the SIT Morocco: Field Studies in New Media and Journalism program because she wanted to study outside the Western world and wanted to learn Arabic.

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